We grow only 5 varieties of garlic: 3 ” hardneck ” ( so called because the stem dries hard in the centre of the bulb) ; Music, Russian Red and Yugoslavian as well as 2 “softneck” ( so called because the stem does not dry hard in the centre of the bulb and are usually shorter than “hardneck” varieties) ; Susanville and Inchelium Red.

Hardneck cloves are larger and easier to separate than softneck but do not store as well.

Hardneck have bulbil-bearing stems that loop as if tied in loose knots ( only available in early June usually ) and are as strong a flavour as their below grade bulbs.

Inchelium Red; is one of the mildest of garlics and is very dense having 8-15 cloves per bulb and up to 3 inches in size.

Susanville; is also a mild garlic and excellent for roasting. Bulbs vary from 10 – 13 cloves per bulb.

Music; is considered a medium strength garlic. It is also the most common garlic grown in eastern Ontario. One of the best yielding garlics it has large cloves usually 5-6 per bulb. Stores fairly well ; up to 9 months

Russian Red;  is considered one of the strongest garlics. It is sot for it’s strength and size which is very similar to music( 5-6 cloves per bulb) but usually depending on ground conditions it has a more distinctive red tinge compared to music.

Yugoslavian; is a new variety for most in eastern Ontario and rivals Russian Red in strength. It has more cloves per bulb usually 6-8 and smaller. Overall size is comparable.

All of our garlic is free of nematodes with our Russian Red and Yugoslavian originating from Vancouver Island and over half our Music from tissue 3 years ago from the University of Guelph  Station in New Liskard.

We expect to have about 2000 Yugoslavian, 2000 Music, 1000 Russian Red and 300 each of the Inchelium Red and  Susanville this year.